Editing is hard

So I shot my latest short film (a drama titled De La Madre) back at the end of September. Since then I've been pecking away at editing and let me tell you.. man is it tough.

It was a multi cam shoot (two Digital Bolex D16 cinema cameras with Zeiss cinema zoom lenses) with audio recorded on a different device. So the first, and most tedious part, was just getting all the footage properly labeled, matched up, and in a directory layout that made sense. Footage and audio arranged by scene, shot, camera and take. Before you assemble the puzzle you need to find and arrange all the pieces.

Now I'm slowly pecking my way through selects and putting together an assembly edit- the first pass where you get the story laid out according to how it was written & shot. And guaranteed that first edit will be utter garbage! Ha, it's ALWAYS garbage at first. Things that make sense in the mind's eye on the page end up needing a lot of work once you get it on camera. I mean, it ought to make sense from a character motivation and logical stand point (if you took your time on the script- really took your time on it), but the pacing, the flow, the artistry of it- that part always needs so much work after the first cut. The left brain part functions, but the right brain part needs so much work.

But I'm still a long way off from that. The good news is that I've got two out of eight scenes already slotted in, so that's a good start. The tough news is that I've got six scenes that need to be done and it's slow going. 

Did I mention that editing is hard?