Using Professional Actors

This past week I met with an honest to goodness CSA casting director to discuss casting for my next short film project, titled DE LA MADRE.

I'm going for reals on this one. SAG-AFTRA New Media Contract, professional SAG actors, a casting director- the whole enchilada. No half enchiladas here, no sir. I enjoyed working with the cast on TRANSPOSE  (check it out on my Films page, yo). And while they were non-union actors they were quite good - especially when you consider that only Reilly had ever done narrative film work before. Sierra and Ian are busy & experienced stage actors, but that was their first real go at a film. But that was a good fit since it was also my first attempt to direct screen actors who weren't either friends or family. I've directed voice actors professionally a bunch of times, but screen acting is a very different ball game. So I figured it's good that all of us were feeling it out at the same time. And I learned a lot. Mostly about the joys of collaboration in the moment and the limitations of my knowledge of how to give actors good direction - a skill I've done a bunch of studying and practice to improve upon.

This next film I'm aiming to use experienced professional screen actors who know & expect pro level directing. Lord willing if all goes well we shoot in September. I'm excited for the challenge.