The end of the Digital Bolex D16

The little Kickstarter hipster cinema camera that could is no more.

Well, it's not like all the D16's in the universe have vanished into thin air (thank goodness!), but they've stopped manufacturing them, and by the end of next week they'll stop selling them. I'll pour out a bottle of artisan fair trade sparkling water in their honor.

Lots of folks have already weighed in on the D16 camera over time, as well as its demise this week. I'm not interested in think-piecing my way through this.  As an owner and enthusiastic user of the D16 I'm just a wee bit sad for the folks who managed to make a go of it with this machine the last 4 years. I've started and shut down a business, so I know the bittersweet relief that comes with accepting the end has arrived. Stringing a business along on life support is an emotional sunk cost fallacy and I applaud their clear eyed understanding of the market.

However I'm not overly worried about using an out of production camera from a company that is easing into oblivion. I used to own and shoot the Sony F35 (a camera that Sony pretty much dead ended years before I owned it). If the time comes to move on to another camera I'll deal with it then. For now I'm far too enamored with the Super 16mm look and feel from the D16. It's a unique look, and when coupled with older cinema lenses is just too textured to leave behind. In a world of super sharp, ultra high res, clean sterile images there's always going to be room for something more textured, it's just gonna be a niche market. It's like 2d vs CG animation, but in cameras.